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Privacy Policy


Core Insights Bristol Limited ("Core Insights", we or us) want you to be informed about what information we are collecting and how we are using it. If you have any questions or queries about anything in the Privacy Policy please contact us at

Personal Information

We want to protect your personal information. This includes any attributes which might personally identify you, and information associated with with that. These attributes might include things such as your name, address or location, telephone number or other unique identifier (e.g. passport or national insurance number) or characteristics (e.g. biometric data). This also includes your IP address, which is an identifier for the connection you are using to access the internet.

What we collect, and why

If you want to contact us we collect your name, organisation, email address, and any relevant information you include in your message. We will only use this information to help address any queries you might have. Any personal data we receive will be stored securely and resiliently, so long as it is still considered relevant, after which it shall be deleted within 2 years.

If you sign up for our newsletter we will also collect your name, organisation, and email address to use for keep you updated of what we are doing, and to let you know of any new resources we might make available. We also get reports when you read the emails, and if you click through the links. Any informational marketing emails we send will include instructions on how to adjust your communication preferences, including opting out of future messages. This will not effect information we store with regards to providing you with services.

We also collect browsing data. See Cookies and Tracking for more information.

Cookies and Tracking

We use cookies and analytics to keep track of people using our website. When you make a request to, your browser will include various information including your IP address, the browser you are using, the operating system, and where you were linked to the site from. This information may be stored and used for statistical traffic analysis to help us improve the website.

For our analytics services we rely on Google Analytics. In doing so we share browsing data with them. For information about how they use this data see

We make use of cookies. Cookies are small text files, in this case containing a random identifier. If you agree, we will set a cookie on your computer, which your browser will the send back with every request you make to our site. This allows us to see whether you are new to the site, or coming back for another visit. Again this data is used for statistical traffic analysis, and helping us improve our services.

If you wish to block all cookies the site may try to set permanently, this should be possible to do through your browser settings.

3rd Parties

We won't sell, lease or otherwise share your personal data with third parties for profit of any kind. We may share your data with contractual partners in order to provide you with a service, to facilitate the running of our business or with authorities if required to do so by law.

In doing this data may be transferred across borders. Personal data will only be transferred out of the European Economic Area to countries which are considered adequate under the EU Data Protection Directive, in the case the organisation subscribes to a certification scheme (e.g. EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework), or under under contract, subject to EU model contract clauses for personal data transfer.

External Links

We may link to external sites and resources. These sites our outside of our control, and while we would never knowingly link to a site which may cause harm, we recommend exercising caution. Additionally we recommend you read the privacy policy of any third party sites you visit before providing them with personal data.