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"You probably didn’t get into the charity sector to record and report on data. You probably got into the sector because you wanted to make a difference."


You probably didn’t get into the charity sector to record and report on data. You probably got into the sector because you wanted to make a difference. BUT you seem to be spending an increasing amount of time on recording data and reporting on the data you’re collecting. People are asking for more and more data but, if you’re honest, you’re not that confident that the data is being recorded correctly or it’s very robust. Also, how many times have you felt like you’re recording lots of data but everything you’re recording goes straight to your funders or stakeholders?

I understand, and you’re not alone.

Take a minute and imagine what it feels like to have less reporting. Imagine that you are offering out robust, quality reporting, but it takes 90% less time. Imagine what it feels like to have data that you can start to understand yourself, spot patterns and trends and make changes as a result of it. Imagine your impact report being shared around and people are shouting about what you’re doing.

How is this possible, you ask? To simplify, make systems work for me, rather than me working for them? To spend more time doing what I went into the charity sector to do, not inputting data and running reporting? To save time and money for me and my team and at the same time, get more from the data we’re recording?

Are you ready to spend some time and money NOW to save you time and money in the future? Are you ready to reduce stress for you and your team in reporting? Are you ready for your reporting to create a real impact for yourself?

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Meet Chloe

Founder at Core Insights

I got into the charity sector because I wanted to make a difference. I’d been working for Lloyds Bank, working as a data analyst. I wanted to bring my skills into the sector, spot patterns in data, allow charities to use their data to gain insights and make changes. I wanted to do more analysis. But I kept coming across the same hurdle, data just wasn’t in the right state for me to get my teeth into. People were spending hours just doing some simple reports, so there was no time to dig deeper into all the rich data that was being collected. So, I decided, that needed to change. I recognised there was no need to be creating all this stress and that much of the reporting took a lot longer than it should. I started taking charities through simple 4 step processes, to help them improve the way that data was recorded, reported on and analysed. But I suddenly realised that I didn’t need to be there to take you through these processes.

You could do it yourself! You Don’t need me to be there to do these 4 simple steps.

So, I created 4 courses, with 4 simple steps - well simple once you do the course! This is not a training course. It’s not a webinar you sign up to, write some notes which get stored away at the bottom of a pile. It’s a course that guides you through step-by-step, with all the resources you need to apply the 4 steps in your organisation, in your own time. And, our online community means you’re not alone.

Our first course helps you find the right database.

·       Guides you through step-by-step

·       Helps you find your database

·       Encourages staff motivation

·       Reduces stress

Our next course helps you to get more from your database.

·       Get more streamlined data

·       Motivate your staff

·       Reduce confusion

·       Record better data

Our next course gives you ways to speed up your reporting

·       Use techniques to speed up reporting

·       One of the techniques we share cut one client's reporting time by 90%

·       Reduces stress

·       Saves money

Our final course is all about your impact reporting

·       Guides you through development of your impact report

·       Makes reporting more concise

·       Tailors to your audience

·       Makes your reporting more impactful

So, what can you expect from our 4 stage processes?

You can expect to be guided through a process which will help you to achieve your goals. As well as guidance videos, you’ll also receive all the resources you need to run the process in house, in your own time. And, if you need some help, our online support community, or recommended consultants are there to give you all the help you need. The community is made up of others just like you, so also gives you the chance to network and meet others who are going through the same processes.

Ok, when can I get started on the courses?

Head straight over to our course page to watch sneak previews, or download a course today!

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