How do you know if you’re using the right chart?

Your staff have spent hours of time collecting data. You’ve spent hours analysing that data and you’ve finally come up with a story you can tell from your data. It’s exciting, you’ve seen an increase in the number of people getting jobs over the last year and you want to shout about it!


You pop it in a bar chart with a paragraph about the great work you’ve done, send it out and you’re feeling pretty chuffed.


But you get an underwhelming or confused response.


This probably isn’t because people don’t want to hear your good news. It’s probably because they have also received 20 other emails that day and have about 30 seconds to digest what you’re saying. The paragraph of text probably put them off because it felt like too much to read and the bar chart wasn’t presented in a way that got your story across.


So how can you change the response you get? The key is to change how you communicate. We’ve seen so much good data fall down at the last hurdle of communication.


Like any other messaging, you need to make sure that the way you’re presenting your data is thought through, appropriate for your audience, and presented in the most effective way.


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