We offer Complimentary Initial consultations to charities and CICs based in the UK.

The consultation is focused entirely on helping you get clarity about any areas you need help with and then showing you how you can fix them. We'll analyse where you currently are and where you want to be.

One of two things will then happen:

  1. You'll say, "That's great, I see how these recommendations would really help us and I think we can do all of them ourselves. I appreciate your help!". We'll be thrilled to have given you clarity and actions to take. We'll say goodbye and you'll get back to work with a spring in your step, excited about making things better.
  2. You'll say, "That's really helpful and I can see the value of these recommendations. Would you be able to help us?". This is also a fantastic option. We'll discuss how we can work together and what the priorities are. And then we'll get working.

To request your complimentary, no-strings-attached consultation, please complete the form below
or contact Chloe via email: chloe@coreinsightsuk.com or via phone: 07872 518303.


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