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Our focus is on helping you with your particular needs - and then to streamline your processes and systems in order to maximise your effectiveness and reduce your costs.

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New Database Installation

"The new database installed by Core Insights brought our organisation into the 21st century, allowing our clients to use a much easier online application process to apply for funding.  It also enabled us to analyse our data with much more ease and efficiency."  - Charity Funder

We'll help you to install a new database, and then train you and your team how to use it, so there'll be no recurring costs from having to constantly spend money on technical assistance.  Here's an example of how our database services have helped a third sector organisation.

Improving Social Impact

"Our company now has realistic but stretching targets that we can use to measure our performance against.  This has helped us to become more focused and more attractive to our funders."- Local Social Buisness

In an age where funding is ever more difficult to come by, it's vital that organisations are able to show their worth.  We were founded to help you do just that, because  We can help you maximise your social impact and stand out from the crowd. 



Better Understanding Clients

"Our organisation can now use our systems to track our clients' progress over a period of time.  This helps us to understand their behaviours and to better focus our (limited!) resources on what will best help them."-charity working with vulnerable people

We can help you implement a service user segmentation, enabling you to better understand your impact and meet the needs of your clients more effectively.  This is a vital way in which charities and other groups can become more sustainable.  Check out our blog for more tips on sustainability.


Producing Attractive Impact Reports

"Our organisation now has an attractive report to share with our investors, which can help us to secure financial investment, and to continue our work."- CIC working with vulnerable adults

We have experience in creating impact reports that demonstrate what your organisation can really do.  This is vital in the age of cuts, when organisations are often under pressure to prove they're making an impact.  Here's an example of a charity we've worked with, who've produced an amazing report.


Streamlining The Reporting Process


"Our monthly task time was reduced from two days of work to twenty minutes, which has saved us valuable time, money, and resources.  Our clients also have easy access to our statistics, which they can use in reporting at any time."-Charity working with vulnerable people

We can show you how to streamline your reporting processes.  We'll then fully train you so you know how to do this work yourself.


Staff Training and Upskilling

"The staff were able to complete tasks by themselves and they learned new skills.  They were no longer reliant on the team from core insights after the period of training.  Efficiency was certainly improved."-Local charitable organisation

Unlike some companies, we don't want you to be paying for us to be continuously coming out to help with your reporting! We'd much rather teach your team how to do it themselves, which saves you money and time in the long term. 

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